Pure Mammary Factor

Democratizing the production of Pure™ human milk by selling cell-culture medium and growth factors.

Human milk is the most important yet least accessible food on Earth


babies are born every year


Do not drink human milk for a full 6 months


Of babies deserve Human Milk until 6 months

There is not enough human milk to feed all the babies in the world

Pure™ Human Milk can feed all the babies

Pure Mammary Factors, Inc., is democratizing the production of Pure™ Human Milk by selling affordable mammary cell-culture medium and growth factors.

Pure Mammary Factors

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Our team

Shayne Giuliano

CEO and co-founder

Organic chemist, computer scientist, cellular agriculturalist, inventor of cell cultured milk and milk antibody bioreactors.

Scott Mathews

COO and co-founder, Pharmaceutical engineer with 15+ years of bioprocess development experience, facility startup, continuing validation